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Arthritis Treatment

Treatment starts with an accurate assessment and an explanation of the available treatments. The recommended treatments include natural therapies, pain medication, physio, weight loss, various types of injections, and keyhole or open surgery, possibly including joint replacement.

There are many very effective treatments for arthritis that allow individuals to maintain an active lifestyle free from pain.

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General Orthopaedics

Orthopaedics is an area of medicine involving a wide range of conditions affecting all areas of the body, each with their own particular anatomy and biomechanics.

There is constant innovation and technological improvements in orthopaedics which can often speed up or improve recovery. Improvements in one area may also be useful in other areas of orthopaedics.

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Sports Injuries

Sport or leisure activities are a large part of the Australian way of life. Inevitably, injuries occur. These vary from minor to the more severe. They may be due to acute, chronic or overuse injuries. Injuries most commonly affect the soft tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscles or bursa but may also affect bones and joints.

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